Joris Brouwers

Halo Reach DMR

jorisbrouwers | 19 oktober 2017

Halo Reach Designated Marksman Rifle This is a remake of the Halo Reach Dmr for a Arma 3 mod that is not announced yet. It’s slightly altered to support attachments in-game. The weapon is split in five different pieces, consisting…..

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Halo 3/4 Assault Rifle

jorisbrouwers | 16 augustus 2017

 MA5C/MA5D Assault Rifle   I remade the Assault Rifle using concept art from Halo 3 and Halo 4, for practicing hard surface modeling and getting a better understanding of the baking process. It’s 11891 polygons with 2k textures.   Textures…..

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